Bob Allisat, born July 1959. Living in Toronto. Aspiring to be a kind, compassionate, contributing human being every waking hour. With emphasis on human and focus on being.

Currently working LOCATIONS in the entertainment industry. Filmography: KINGSWOOD, SLUMBERLAND, MAN FROM TORONTO, MRS AMERICA.

Former Actor in film, serials, commercials & more (including Husband of official mourner, Jack In The Pulpit EP, AMERICAN GOTHIC & Gov't Advisor, Founding of Nunavut EP, CANADA STORY OF US). Plus 130 other silent actor roles in 100 productions (notably: White House Staffer, SALVATION & DESIGNATED SURVIVOR; Lawyer, SUITS; Scottish Lord, REIGN; Distinguished Gentleman, MURDOCH MYSTERIES & AMELIA; Wall Street Executive, MOLLY'S GAME; Reporter, BACKSTABBING FOR BEGINNERS; Drunken Hockey Dad, PRIVATE EYES; Parisienne Theatre Patron, THIRTEEN MONKEYS, Presidential Candidate, TWILIGHT ZONE; Etc.).

Also electronic music composition, heritage home restoration, retail & logistics management, videographer/video editor, internet video journalist, startup founder (WTV + FCN), author/activist, adult educator, cabbie, Masters student of Psychology, wrestler.

Email me at ALLISAT at PROTONMAIL dot COM.

Peace. Love. Out.