More than 130 roles in 100 productions. In Toronto and then Vancouver. In front of the camera mostly silent acting, a so-called background performer (aka extra). But also the hero in a few commercials. Plus two real live actor roles, both of which were serendipitous.

So they say if you want to be taken seriously as an actor to *never* mention most of the above. But since I never intended to be an actor and have no intentions of doing basically shameless actor self promotion I don't give a fuck.

Because I, me, being in front of the cameras, gained insights and experiences that are unique and invaluable. Especially when working behind the cameras, as I now do.

See, sometimes you never know until you do. And when you do, only then do you know. And, believe me, I've lived it all. Or at least a very reasonable facsimile. Enough - let's put it this way - for my purposes.

Having experienced countless crew constellations. Innumerable directors, assistant directors and assorted hangers ons. As talent. As part of the faceless, identity-less chorus as in ancient Greek theatre. As background. But always as a professional Actor, no matter what role, no matter when or where.

So I know. And that's how I know.