Me and Einstein. Two dummies believing the universe to be an orderly place. There's no such thing as chance. Our reasonable facsimile of God is no dice shooter. Not a gamblin' man/woman/mega-being. It only looks random or senseless because we do not understand. So chaos = optical illusion (a result of our misunderstanding of reality).

Simple really. The best attitude to carry while one wades into something others may tag or believe to be chaos or chaotic. Solves a lot of problems right from the deterministic get go, don't you say. I do say…

1. Identify common patterns. Even in dis-oderliness there is inherent order.

2. Quickly add patterns that may have been forgotten or were never instituted in the first place. Improvise and iterate should initial decisions prove to be in error or when circumstances inevitably change.

3. Always interact in a calming, cheerful, reasonable & resolute manner. Do not break character. No matter what.

4. Rapid, difficult or potentially problematic actions (firings, hirings, demotions, promotions, etc.) are thoughtfully, carefully, *legally* executed. In private if possible. If not with as few onlookers or uninvolved persons as possible. Figurative head rolling is not pretty even though it is often essential.

5. The goal being as rapid and efficient reorganization as situationally possible.

My response to a first discovery or uncovering of a minimally organized situation, state of affairs or whatever is the same. Clear, centred, positive, determined. Then, follow the process.