2000 was a strange year all around. For me? Perhaps more so. I went from a temp job Tuesday to being a professional Internet Video Journalist Friday. With an office at Yonge/Bloor in Toronto (think centre of the universe) and another at Queen’s Park (seat of Ontario provincial government, think state capital building). An eighteen month hyper-rush. Ending in the conflagration of 9/11. When news basically stopped dead like jet traffic.

During that Friday to bye bye Twin Towers Tuesday I shot upwards of 750 news stories from riots to the Santa Parade (same thing?). In that time I Produced & directed all those shoots. Plus running the Toronto bureau business.

As part of a content diversification plan I also produced & directed ECO FREAKO. Starring the late, great activist, friend and funster TOOKER GOMBERG. One of the first financed, webcast shows anywhere, ever. With other shows in the works until…

My then employer ran out of money. And 9/11 hit the global fan. I negotiated my equipment for salary owed. Launching years work as a commercial videographer. Directing, producing, shooting, editing scores of mostly commercials.

I've directed under a wide array of situations and circumstances, both planned and spontaneous, live in the field and in controlled settings. Inevitability getting my shots, bringing back great footage, clean sound, wrapping with the goods.

Director. Ready. Able. More. Then & now.