For most people this damned pandemic (2019-202?) was a viral disaster. Destroying livelihoods and lives, loved ones and loves.

For me it was - and this will be difficult to believe - a strange blessing. Sudden career elevation. What I can only describe as catching a film industry Jetstream updraft.

Starting with a txt in August, five months into the Covid nightmare. (Words to the effect)

Have a job for you Bob. Interested?

Oh ya! 100%

Ok. Stand by.

When wiser people were wisely hiding out or at the cottage or whatever. In midst of an historic film industry shortage of workers. I was gung ho to go for it. Risk. Adverse? Not me. Observing all the protocols except fear.

A few weeks later there I was. Heart Lake Conservation Area. Sitting on that picnic bench on the lawn near the water at 0600. Waiting for I forget what. Permit approval for set construction to begin, I think.

That's how the 60 day experience began. Oh, and my instructions? “It's your baby.”

“It” being Locations oversight of a million dollar set being built, used for plot critical scenes, then demolished. All in the middle of a highly ecologically sensitive nature park.

And, I forgot to mention, there are people hiking the trails that run all around set! OMG, a recipe for disaster?

Not on my watch!

What unfolded was a flawless, injury and delay free construction process. Three perfect days of the shoot. And a demolition that left a new lawn of fresh sod and not a sliver or a screw behind.

Mission accomplished!

My formal title through all this? LSP, Location Support Person. Not even on the industry totem pole! And yet. There it was. My baby. And my baby kicked ass.

On shoot days there was disorder and not a little confusion all around set. But not *on* set. My set. On set? Flawless.

Now I didn't design it, or build, dress, paint or light set. Nor did I shoot a second or get one sound to disk. But everything else was mine, baby!

And then it was over. Grass to grass, peace to peace. Frogs to frogs. Down by Heart Lake there's no sign of what transpired in the summer of 2020. The greatest accomplishment. Go. See. Thank. You. Gaia.