Shooting at boomtown Pinewood Studios and a few locations SLUMBERLAND was my intro gig upon joining the DGC. Enter the School of Locations.

Locations can be many things. Management. Scouting. Finagling Negotiating. But the majority of roles involve intense, unrelenting physical action. Fast paced. Getting things done *now*. No bullshit. No excuses. Get. It. Done. Now.

My first weeks in the School of Locations were brutal. No other way to put it. Went home every night busted, exhausted, to be immobilized more than sleep LoL!

My sensei on this one, the legendary Jordan D. Leader by example, never down, great guy. Nothing but supportive. His motto: You do you. Fucken brilliant.

The experience? Unique. Introduction to Locations 100. I passed, but not by much. Providing invaluable learning I carry with me. SLUMBERLAND.